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Gypsy Dance Theatre
in performance on the Greek Agora Stage

Gypsy Dance Theatre

Texas Renaissance Festival
Nine Weekends, October 11 - November 30, 2017

Show Time Performance
Noon Gypsy Breakfast - Agora Stage
2:00 pm Afternoon Delight - Agora Stage
4:00 pm When a Gypsy Dreams - Agora Stage
6:00 pm Gypsy Jam Fire Show - Agora Stage
Including Fire Dancing at every 6:00 pm show!

Bella Florita in Gypsy Dance Theatre's fire show Tsura for Shura in Gypsy Dance Theatre's fire show

Gypsy Dance Theatre looks forward to seeing you at the Texas Renaissance Festival

Join us at the Greek Agora, for creative entertainment...and the finest food in the faire!

Years of Art, Music, and Dance - Beginning in 1999, we proudly celebrate Gypsy Dance Theatre's 18th year in performance at the Texas Renaissance Festival. Our shows just keep getting better and our audiences more appreciative...and appreciated. Hope you will have the opportunity to join us at this excellent outdoor festival. Look for us on the Greek Agora Stage. Our shows are at Noon, 2, 4, and a Fire Show at 6 pm. Find more details about TRF here: Texas Renaissance Festival

The Gypsy Life - Tulo has been performing at the Texas Renaissance Festival since 1978. He started out singing and playing his mando-cello with the original Gypsy Camp, which was a subset of the Houston Balalaika Orchestra. When not on stage with the Gypsies, Tulo was usually to be found avidly watching the belly dance show (go figure). It was not long before he was on stage with the Carol Shannon Professional Belly Dance Troupe...going on to serve as M.C. and lead drummer for the next 19 years! A good time was had by all, and 2017 will mark Tulo's 40th year on the gig at TRF. As he says, "It's a tough job...but somebody's got to do it!"

Experience Gypsy Dance Theatre and let your own gypsy spirit fly free!

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